Armed Conflict in America McVeigh and the Oklahoma Bombing
Part 9: The Separatist Movement & Ruby Ridge
by Robert L. Kocher

Why are actions against the Boy Scouts not interpreted as acts of discrimination against organizations promoting heterosexuality? Within the bias of intent established by recent law where automatic victimhood is established by numerical inferiority or by conferring membership within a so-called protected group, the idea of such interpretation becomes dismissed with ridicule. Within the loose equation of emotionally-based thinking the victim can not be guilty of any crime.

The problem is what artificially mislabeled victims are in fact perpetrators.

While minority status is protected, there is no protection for the culture or entire civilization. The lack of parity is in fact a vicious war upon civilization. It is one of the final stages of implementation of the militant Dadaistic counterculturalism of the 60s and 70s.

The brushing aside of standing and parity has resulted in a plague of Dadaistic intrusional litigation imposed on American life which should not be occurring and is an attack on human freedom and individuality. The rule of law has become the tyranny of inquisition and review of conformity to a type of social Dadaism as well as a weapon in the arsenal of countercultural deconstruction of rationality.

An entirely appropriate view is that America is becoming, or is in the grips of, an expansive monstrous psychotic sadomasochistic cult whose fanatic members inflict psychotic cult discipline on each other or upon non members.

Many people want control of their lives back from imposed intrusion of authoritarian review and from the attack on rational individuality concurrent with absolute imposition and submission to pathology. They are developing an entirely appropriate hatred of lawyers and law and government.

The question is, where does all this come from and who gets to vote for it? How do we get control of our lives back?

Getting Control of Your Life

As a practical matter I don’t have the opportunity to vote on whether I am going to live in a psychotic sadistic society where judges are going to impose serious fines and imprisonment for failure to believe somebody with a penis and testicles is a girl. I don’t have opportunity to vote on whether we should be meeting a social need for producing doctors who will kill me. I have no opportunity to vote for prohibition against the type of government actions seen at Waco. There are no discussions of entire arrays of the most serious issues facing America. All I am offered to vote for is vague evasive deception. After elections there is a surprise party where lunatics who have worked their way into both political parties, into government agencies, and into the judiciary start coming out of the woodwork. My vote is meaningless.

The American political process has become a condition where politicians appeal to opinions and approval expressed by The Ring and questions framed by The Ring while the American people are left out and disenfranchised until the last moment when they are given the choices the ministry of propaganda prepared for them.

There is complaint that few Americans vote. A major reason they don’t vote is because the candidates no longer represent the general population. They are created by The Ring, and represent The Ring, but there is nobody to represent the people. Unless I am homosexual, a Jesse Jackson black, a counterculturalist, I have no stake in the election. My options are one between immediate imposition versus temporary cosmetic delaying tactics. Since Reagan, the only presidential choices in the two major political parties has been between countercultural socialists versus people who lamely apologize for not being socialists. Some voters grasp at straws and desperately cast their vote for what they hope are delaying tactics, but there is no real long term difference while I and millions of others am without a voice in anything.

There is no appeal to the people, but instead is appeal to The Ring. Politicians talk about what the people won’t accept. The people have nothing to do with it. What is really being said is that The Ring won’t accept it.

More and more people refuse to vote because voting is an act of certifying and contributing a facade of validity to corruption and disease. This is the clearest political statement being made, but there is determination to disregard its reality.

Trying to break into this system is extremely difficult. It goes way back in depth to the way we educated our judges and journalists to be left-wing crackpots. The system is constantly replenished and expanded.

Beyond that, it requires about $70,000,000 to begin financing a new political party and even begin collecting more funds. A political party must field a full slate of candidates rather than just someone for president. It would take a year and a half to two years to cull through the United States and put together comprehensive quality leadership to fill a slate.

Simpleton John McCain vs. Simpleton George Bush

During the year 2000 Republican debates we saw two simpletons, John McCain and George Bush, taking the better part of an hour accusing each other’s organizations of putting negative campaign flyers on people’s windshields. They managed to drown out the only mature adult in the presidential race, Alan Keyes, when he tried to bring up serious constitutional issues. But after this supposed cleverness, who is going to show up on November election day to vote for arguments about putting nasty notes on windshields except people who understand such useless mentalities assure non-interference with seriously destructive agenda.

The American people were desperate to vote against Al Gore and the Clinton residue. Bush started out with a 14% lead. The more Bush opened his stupid evasive mouth, the more it became obvious he was useless and it was business as usual. America became disgusted. His poll numbers went down by over 1% a week. Campaigning against a brain-dead leftist Gore, Bush ended up losing the popular vote, but taking the electoral vote by 400 votes in Florida.

The voter turnout was poor because there was no advocate for the American people in the election. Until politicians cease betraying the real people in the American nation while appealing to leftist synthesized virtual reality the turnout will continue to be low.

To great extent the politicians look at The Ring as the people because of its frightening capability to manipulate the people. But one of the reasons The Ring has developed that capability is because it is not confronted by statesmen and political parties of substance who are teachers. Reagan was able to face down The Ring. When Reagan called the Soviet Union an evil empire The Ring and the liberal establishment wailed in protest and fear. Reagan didn’t back down, and was elected.

Clinton was not a particularly popular president. If Robert Dole had said some of the things that have been said here, and some of the things that will be said here, he probably would have become president instead of ending up doing Viagra commercials. Dole hasn’t had a serious idea in 50 years, much less the spine to assert one. Instead, he played to liberal TV approval when they congratulated him for taking the high road, meaning saying nothing of importance, in his campaign. In the lowest voter turnout percentage going back to 1924, few people voted for the Clintons, and even fewer voted for Dole.

Much of this has been covered earlier in this series. There is little sense in recapitulating it now.

What has been missing is a president who is advocate for people instead of advocate for The Ring. There is absence of a serious political party that is an advocate for the people and will discuss issues discussed here.

The Reclusive Separation Movement

If America has become a giant psychotic cult, there are people with enough remnants of reasoning remaining to want out of it.

The result of the new Dadaism and the other elements discussed here has been an extensive American population that, for very good reason, feels cornered and without representation or alternative in a world of fanatic irrationality. The response to imposition of Dadaistic madness has been a wide spectrum of various forms of population withdrawal into seclusive or reclusive separation.

At one end of the spectrum one passive separatist form is the home schooling movement. It consists of people gathering in their homes in a type of low-level civil or social disobedience to educate their children separate from the mindless indoctrination of the otherwise contentless liberal educational systems. It is now believed there are about 850,000 American families in this state of resistance.

In the intermediate areas of the spectrum are people such as the Weaver family who quietly withdrew from society and into a semi-wilderness condition. Or people withdraw into areas of the country where authoritarian liberal Dadaism has yet to have been imposed with complete hold. There are states such as Utah and Montana which have become enclaves of a subculture of silent resistance.

At the other end of the spectrum are militia or survivalist movements who, driven to near desperation, have drawn a final line of almost barricaded separation behind which they are arming in preparation for determined unspoken intention of making one last desperate statement of NO. They are demonized and labeled dangerous extremists. About every fifth member is a government undercover agent. Some groups within this end of the spectrum are nutty and are used as examples to smear the entire spectrum. Some of what appears to be nuttiness is an artifact of language and education. Their perception that something is wrong is correct, but they aren’t political psychologists. They are dependent upon limited language and concept which sound primitive for explanations.

What is being seen are groups making various attempts to vacate a corrupt and mad society.

(In one sense, white flight to the suburbs is a subtle form of this. Under various social or other pressures people vote for Dadaistic self-destructive liberalism they fundamentally don’t believe in, then subsequently attempt to confine it to the cities while deserting and distancing themselves from what they’ve created.)

It is interesting to note that the people who publish this newspaper are separatists who have withdrawn to Costa Rica.

The Ring presents Dadaistic liberalism in the most polished possible form in a sympathetic atmosphere where any challenge is either token or incompetent. On the other hand the separatists and any other form of resistance are presented with all possible warts in as crude a way as possible. This results in an ongoing compendium of professionally maintained and presented articulate argument which coordinates support of Dadaistic liberalism. At the same time, resistance remains separate and inarticulate with unprofessional easily-ridiculed presentation. People in the resistance know there is something seriously wrong, but lack the training and background to explain it. It’s been my experience over the years that people can be correct, but lack the ability to articulate their position without help and encouragement—especially if they are kept off balance.

The Climate of Wanton Unrestrained Government Violence

I’m as dead set against drugs as anybody in the world. There absolutely is no doubt in my mind that drugs will destroy America if not stopped. Drug use is not a victimless crime except in the dazed eyes of those who use the stuff. Those who don’t use the stuff are subjected to the social, economic, and political environment created by those using the stuff and who in their state of oblivious escape care naught about living with the chaos they create. People not obliviously stupefied by drugs find living with the grotesqueness of that chaos impossible.

However, after having said that, the excesses I’m seeing in the war on drugs are criminal and unacceptable. We have low-IQ psychopathic thugs who are supposed to be law officers but have in fact become self-licensed murderers running about shooting up the wrong houses, killing people without bothering to check on who they are killing, and wrongly confiscating property with no recourse of recovering that property. There is far too little accountability. The drug war is not the focus of this analysis, but it is part of an ongoing atmosphere of license that has become dangerous and transferable to other areas.

The BATF both has too many trained licensed psychotic killers and is useless. In the 40s and 50s there were few gun laws, innumerable guns in the hands of citizens, and a crime rate one tenth that of the present.

What is of greater concern is a type of politically correct fanaticism and hate-twisted sadistic irrationality which has licensed itself to kill that which attempts to flee from it, questions it, or refuses to conform to it. The sadistic hatred of the radical 60s has become a legal armed hunting party in which the movement first demonizes to create a social enemy it then grants itself license to persecute or kill.

A condition had evolved by the early 90s such that sociopolitical groups offensive to liberalism had been villianized, demonized, and ridiculed on a liberal dominated national stage for ideological reasons, or for sadistic amusement, to the point where hunting and killing them, sometimes for little more than sport, was being regarded as a negligible or acceptable extension of the arguments and mood created. (It is similar to what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany during the 30s.) There were mindless or rogue government elements in America willing to act on that mood.

Read that paragraph again as it is crucial to understanding a number of recent events.

While there are groups making various attempts to vacate a corrupt and mad society, there is also apparent considerable resentment or hostility toward their doing so. Separation is looked upon as a form of barely tolerated defiance or disobedience.

The above condition continues to exist, but is temporarily in a less aggressive state.

What occurred at Ruby Ridge? Basically, Randy Weaver and his family were seclusionists not reasonably worth 15 minutes of the government’s or anybody else’s time as far as their being a threat to anyone.

The Weavers are always referred to in the leftist press as white separatists. Get it? Some leftist/liberal who flees and moves himself as far as possible away from the so-called inner city and sends his kids off to a special school is not called a white separatist. When Hillary Clinton in a momentary loss of control of her facade calls somebody a “fucking Jew bastard,” nobody cares what she is. She’s part of the leftist “in” group. But the Weaver’s were white separatists, get it?

License to Prey

The Weavers had committed no crime except living off in the woods in quiet seclusion. Government agents spent months trying to coax Randy Weaver into doing something illegal that he had no interest in doing. That should have been a signal to leave the man alone. The Weavers had committed no illegal acts. They had no illegal intent. All actions were completely the result of systematic deception and instigation by government agents. After all, when it comes to a point where there was no problem before you got there, no intention of there being a problem before you arrived, and there would have been no problem if you had never come there, but a problem develops when you get there, THEN IT’S TIME TO REALIZE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, NOT THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. But the Weavers were white separatists. Have you got it yet? That’s license to prey upon them.

After extensive coaxing and badgering, an undercover agent talked Randy Weaver into to cutting some length off a shotgun. When he did, the agents brought charges against him. Whether the final length of the shotgun was even illegal is even uncertain. Weaver was notified to appear before a court of law at a certain date to face charges for the federally-instructed act of criminality. Six days before that date government agents obtained a warrant to arrest Weaver for failing to appear in court. Knowing full well that Weaver had been notified by the court not to appear for another six days, the judge issued an arrest warrant for Weaver for failure to appear in court. That makes the warrant deliberately fraudulent. Did anybody care?

Without warning, heavily armed federal agents quietly descended on the Weaver’s and took up ambush positions. Apparently they didn’t bother to bring the arrest warrant with them because it wasn’t pertinent to their attitude and what they had in mind.

Striker, the Weaver family dog, sensed them and began barking. Not knowing the reason for the commotion, Randy Weaver, Sammy, his 14 year old son, and friend Kevin Harris went to investigate. It’s a wild area and they took guns. Not wishing to lose the element of surprise in their attack, the agents shot the dog from behind.

The feds are good at shooting dogs because they probably suppose the barking of dogs gives them away. The sound of gunfire during shooting of dogs doesn’t give them away. The truth is it’s part of a fun-filled aggressive-sadistic shoot-em-up mentality that inflicts shock and insult upon those being attacked. It also instructs those being attacked that there should be no reasonable doubt they are being attacked by complete damned idiot madmen.

Dog-shooting has become a sort of hot-rod sadistic exercise of tough-guy defiant attitude among law enforcement officials lately.

Always evaluate the quality and intent of a person by the way they treat a dog. Never, never, ever, expect more rationality, more respect from anyone, or less mistreatment from anyone, than the way they treat a dog. A dog is in many respects a better psychological diagnostic and predictive instrument than all the formal psychological evaluation tests combined.


(to be continued)