Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped
The Cognitive Dissonance Connection
Part 2: Voters Who Would Be Victims
by Robert L. Kocher

Hillary must be stopped, now, because she has the heart and mind of a calculating cold-blooded killer.

The only honest emotions I have ever seen her show are diffuse hatred, contemptive ridicule, lust for power, and fury when she is thwarted or questioned. She has infinite capacity to rationalize. If told that the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning, like many others of her generation and political bent, she will look you straight in the eye and furiously argue against it if such reality does not suit her purpose at the moment. In Hillary’s completely self-centered world, reality is supposed to conform to Hillary rather than Hillary conforming to reality. At no time has she displayed any conscience, embarrassment, shame, or integrity of any kind. At no time has she shown evidence of respect for anybody or anything—including law, appearance of propriety, or people.

She operates on presumption of unlimited entitlement and license to pursue her own agenda by any method and at any cost to the nation or the people in it. Any questioning of that entitlement or license evokes a temper tantrum subjectively justifying license to kill in the event she could get away with it. Like Bill Clinton, she is uninhibited by conscience, morality, long term consequences, or rationality. Moral or aesthetic quality of life are concepts foreign to both the Clintons. At no time has Hillary shown sincere remorse or made any apology for anything. She is emotionally sterile in many normal areas and is motivated by deep bitterness and anger toward life that that sterility brings. She has a hatred of other people who don’t share that bitterness. She is on a crusade to impose that bitter condition upon others in her anger. She is on a destructive rampage to destroy for others what she has destroyed for herself. There is an ultimately destructive twist in everything she does that is characteristic of modern liberal/leftism. She is an instinctive actress who can turn on before a crowd, and can turn crowds on. That makes her the most dangerous presence I have seen in my more than 60 years, excluding absolutely no one.

Hillary Clinton is a member of a large class of spoiled soft arrogant talentless weaklings who go to leftist schools where they are programmed to self-destruct their personal lives, programmed to attribute the dissatisfaction resulting from that self-destruction to political factors rather than personal behavior, programmed into a hatred that they believe is sophisticated, and are programmed to release that hatred as a twisted vengeance upon other people or society by using abstract sociopolitical movements in such a way as to inflict punishment and sadism upon the world, and particularly upon America. They practice it as a religion that is comprehensively applied to all aspects of life, and in which they have substituted themselves for God. As they have ascended into the media, and into social and political institutions, where they reproduce themselves, they represent the greatest threat to mankind that world history has ever seen.

No, this is no pert 50s high school girl. She is part of a large group of hate-filled dedicated cultural and economic assassins.

But, again, a cognitive dissonance paradigm is set up. The emotional impact of the ongoing Hillary image is at odds with cognitive reality. The Hillary image isn’t going to change. She plays it well as she prances about. That puts pressure on people’s perception of cognitive reality to change.

She plays it so well that she has become viewed as a victim. When her political opponent, Lazio, approached discussion of Hillary’s past activities—the insult, alone, of which were sufficient to disqualify her or anyone from public office, in addition to their illegality or purposeful obstruction of justice—Lazio was publicly viewed as being too aggressive to the poor sweet thing. His negative poll numbers went up. Hillary was viewed as being poised under the horrible nasty pressure from this terrible mean man.

Poised? This wasn’t poise. It was well-rehearsed calm brazen refusal to accept any responsibility. It was part of an ongoing wall of denial in which the feminine and high school girl role is but one trick in an array of manipulative ploys in a world of mentalities tuned to visual impact. It worked.

Why does it work? It works because the opposition is not incisively comprehensive enough, or aggressive enough, in interpreting what is happening. It works because Hillary is allowed to frame the position and premises of debate without being challenged. It works because Hillary’s opposition comes from the disadvantage of being partially infected with the same disease and having accepted too many of the same premises. This compromises their strength of disagreement. Their answers are not reflexive enough nor incisive enough to either stress Hillary’s assertions or serve as a model for those in the audience looking to serious opposition to defend them against the radical left and the Hillary Clintons.

It works because Hillary’s and Bill’s opponents have not read or understood or applied the material in this series.

Hillary Clinton should be easy to break in debate. She is not a terribly bright woman. Her ideas are rehearsed clichés from the radical 60s that are not challenged. She is accustomed to operating in a protective environment that enables her weaknesses. Her personality reacts very poorly to disagreement.

If she obtains the New York senate seat as a platform, she will have positioned herself to become President of the United States nearly uncontested and without serious opposition on the basis of continuation of what you have read here.

Moral or aesthetic quality of life are everything to the survival of a people. Without it people lose respect for themselves. lose dignity, lose capacity for indignation. It has been my experience that without it people live in a state of diffuse free-floating suicidal rage in which they strike out at others and strike out at life while feeling they have nothing to lose. They often self-destruct while striking out at others in a way that defies others to kill them. That condition is characteristic of the extreme political left. It is becoming more prominent in America. It has produced generations of Clintons. Moral or aesthetic quality of life are also concepts foreign to some people on the economic and libertarian political right, unfortunately. Such people, whether they know it or not, whether they deny it or not, are among the most effective allies the political left and the Clintons have.

Voters Programmed to Suffer

Please don’t seize upon what I am about to say and get hysterical.

The political problem of the New York Jewish population, and Jews in general is a difficult one. It is at the same time complex and intriguing from a psychoanalytic point of view. Years ago I read a book which discussed conversion to Judaism. The Rabbi was to ask the prospective convert, “Do you not know how the Jewish people have suffered over the centuries?” The serious convert is expected to answer, without coaching, “I know, and I’m not worthy.” The implicit message is one of expectation of continuation of such suffering on both the group and individual level.

The distinction between expectation versus purposeful or dedicated perpetuation in the service of fulfilling prophecy too often becomes lost upon people who are living such expectation.

Suffering for advancement of some great ideal may confer some nobility. However, suffering can become a way of life. Looking at suffering as a form of nobility can also become a way of life in which the worthiness or even existence of the ideal being suffered for is forgotten to be seriously examined. Suffering can become a constant theatrical role with applause either internally or from within rewarding group bonding or identification. It can be argued to be a ennobling form of predestination with demanded payment in the form of sympathy. Jews too often seem to view suffering as a victory of the “See, I told you so” variety such that the demonstration or proof of suffering more than compensates for the other disastrous consequences of the self-destructive process—and is even pursued to procure that ultimate value. Self-destruction in defense of a belief is also the most irrefutable evidence of sincerity of belief. Consequently, self-destruction has become sought in its own right, irregardless of quality of belief, as evidence of some kind of warped sincerity. This has infused throughout segments of the American general population to produce a society of twisted masochistic self-flagellants seeking entitlement for their condition.

In certain forms of warped Christianity it is seen in willingness to suffer like Jesus, or for Jesus.

There was a time when Americans took pride in their self-sufficiency and strength. But in recent decades we have entered into a period where people wear their problems and historical difficulties like a badge of honor that confers privilege and in some cases confers immunity from responsibilities. The calloused extermination of Jews and others by the Nazis was a horrible event. It is an event that should be used as a lesson. But I find too many Jews act as if they were there, or they use it to fabricate a lifetime personality/role for themselves. However, they weren’t there. They’ve lived their entire lives in air conditioned apartments. I receive the impression some Jews carry an absurd guilt or desolate feeling of insignificance for not having been there.

Concurrently, blacks talk about suffering 300 years of slavery as though they were there. Once again there is demand for reparations for that 300 years. However. they weren’t there. Nobody has suffered 300 years of anything because people don’t live to be 300 years old. While slavery should be viewed as an unjust and intolerable institution anywhere, enslavement of their ancestors was in fact an incalculable benefit to present day American blacks. If their ancestors hadn’t been brought to America, most of the present American black population would be neither here nor there, but would have died somewhere along their ancestral line from insects, disease, hardship, or tribal warfare—and those few who survived would still be living in Africa.

Most people come from a historical background of holocausts and enslavement in one form or another. Mature intelligent people lay it down and get on with their lives. They build a present rather than fabricate a lifetime career over reciting an ancestral past.

Over the last 35 years I have become progressively concerned with analyzing the seeking of self-imposed suffering that is more than compensated by a secondary reward. This is seen in a type of willing victimhood in which people make themselves social causes. Actresses or other public figures, or would-be public figures, display an agony of sincere belief, but what they believe is often twisted in nature. People, particularly those with their own private unhappiness and agony, identify with, or are drawn into, histrionic public self-inflicted agony through its reminding them of their own unhappy emotional condition. In the speed and depth in which this interlocking occurs, the fraudulent and even exploitive self-inflicted nature is not examined or forgotten. Regardless, the sympathy, the attention, the demand for compensatory entitlements, and the role-playing are rewarding. People who can make the role work socially or otherwise often find that they don’t need to be, or develop, anything else.

Jews too often seem to be in love with obvious killers who say they love them, and who are also destructive to other people. The byproduct of the destruction of other people also represents indirect expression of deep-seated anger among Jews. They have found a real doozey as an instrument to accomplish all this in the form of Hillary Clinton.

If Hillary were to call Jews a bunch of stupid kikes, maybe they’d object for a period. But she treats them as if she thinks they are a bunch of stupid kikes while patting them on the head—and, incredibly, they suck on it and slobber on themselves in return for a type of attention and recognition that they crave. They buy into the denial espoused by Hillary and other calculating demagogues and killers. You can do anything to New York Jews as long as you baby them and recognize them as something special at the same time.

If someone is from the political right, Jews, and particularly New York Jews, can subject their every word to microscopic examination for the remotest interpretation of insult—to the point of fabricating it. But Hillary can use the term “fucking Jew bastard” in such a way that is plainly absolutely consistent with the attitude and whole of her life demonstrated over the last 30 years, and Jews will move heaven and earth to dismiss or forgive it because Hillary will baby them. Babying and specialness trump antisemitism and reality.

Israeli leader Netanyahu was less than adroit in hiding his belief that Bill Clinton is nuts. (Now, wherever would he possibly get that idea?) This prompted the Clintons to loan James Carville to Netanyahu’s opposition to overturn Netanyahu’s government and do the same thing to Israel that Carville did for the Clintons and to America. The consequence may well be the ultimate destruction of Israel. As of this writing Israel is now in the worst state of turmoil and war it has been in since 1948. One would think New York Jews would be rioting in the streets over Clinton’s actions. It should also have provoked rioting in Israel. But, incredibly, the Clintons pulled it off with no personal or political consequences.

Socialism and the radical left seem to represent a quest for love or acceptance. Jews seem to work for an extremely liberal society where all things are acceptable in the belief that they will be guaranteed acceptance in such a society. A society which does not accept all things is a threat because it brings the possibility that they will become vulnerable to being rejected. This has the paradoxical effect of making Jews more unacceptable because there are things that should be unacceptable and they bring imposition of that which is unacceptable with them. They look for love in all the wrong places, and in the wrong way.

A society which does not accept all things is a threat because it brings the possibility that they will become vulnerable to being rejected. This is one of the focal points that underwrites the differentiation between Jew’s views of the political left as compared with the political right. The political right is too hard-minded and brutally frank in demanding maturity and in rejecting nonsense. The political left may have elements of antisemitism (Jesse Jackson may talk about going to Heimietown in reference to New York, for example), but the left has its own brand of protective childlike theater and rationalization with which Jews feel comfortable.

Nearly 40 years ago a psychiatrist, Eric Berne, wrote a book entitled The Games People Play. It described a number of psychological roles people play, called games, used to obtain certain things in life. One role was the game of schlemiel, which apparently is Yiddish for a type of almost comical chronically inept or incompetent person/victim. By playing the part of a schlemiel someone obtains a type of innocuous likability, sometimes finds someone to take care of him or her, and receives sympathy.

Many Jews seem to play the game of schlemiel in American politics.

So we have numerous elements. A self-destructive masochism. A desire for sympathy, specialness, or attention. Demonstration of some mode of desired victorious proof of something. Pursuit of self-fulfilling prophecy. Indirect hostility imposed upon other people, and a subcultural social reinforcement pattern.

Personally, I wouldn’t care as long as I am not asked to contend with it or dance to the tune. To some extent what people do to themselves is their own business. The celebration of inept New York Jewish self-destructive neurosis could be dismissed as an amusing expanded Woody Allen movie. (Allen, by the way, has issued public declarations that Hillary should be president.) But in this, and other, cases Jews are imposing destruction upon me along with their self-destruction, and my protests are interpreted as further evidence of the persecution and suffering they are predestined to endure, and for which they demand sympathy and special privilege. Neither sympathy nor respect is appropriate in such circumstances.

So according to recent polls 70 percent of New York Jews support Hillary and will parade their neuroses, and show their behinds, by inflicting a insulting destructive lunatic left-wing psychopath, or at best someone who demonstrates all the obvious propensities of a cold calculating vicious voracious grasping gangster, upon me and the country. Her opponent would do America a supremely necessary service by labeling her as such. So would the mentally inanimate George W. Bush. (This paragraph contains an inadvertent unjust insult. Most high level mob members have more integrity, maturity, and contact with reality than either of the Clintons. Additionally, a good mob boss knows what he wants and can be satisfied when he gets it. Hillary, and people like her, are out to satisfy some type of convoluted dissatisfied inner state that is subtly sadistic in nature, and is not satisfiable by ordinary means or without destruction of freedom and destruction of society.)

Such infliction is not novel in Jewish political life. For what seemed centuries New York Jewish politics took pride in afflicting America with Bella Abzug. Abzug was a brassy Marxist caricature of a middle-aged aggressive Jewish woman. She was another insult upon the rest of the nation that was demanded to be absorbed. Before that, or concurrently, there were others. There’s nothing funny about it. If a group of Irish or Germans were to do this to me, I’d be disgusted with them for doing it.

On a personal level, Jews may be pleasant and talented people. But particularly in New York, they have this song and dance act that’s a killer. They’ll eat you alive politically while they look at you with big eyes and tell you how they are destined to suffer persecution. From there, they will feed you into a game where they interpret your irritation as antisemitism. Karl Marx would be barely liberal enough to suit them. They are politically lethal. Not everyone, but a majority enough such that only a fool would dismiss it as being less than a predominant pattern and expectation. This pattern is pivotal in the present delicate American political balance and is positioned to apply leadership in one direction or the other. It has been the other. More specifically, New York Jewish politics, and New York politics in general, is such as to make people working to preserve sane mature integrity cringe in fear and disgust.

(to be continued)

Robert L. Kocher is the author of “Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing,” as well as many other articles (available at http://zolatimes.com/writers/kocher.html). His email address is steiner@smtp2.Mountain.Net.