Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped
The Cognitive Dissonance Connection
Part 3: The Deadly Game of Deconstructing America
by Robert L. Kocher

American politics is not to be used as a life game of schlemiel—and that goes for everybody. It’s real life and dead serious. We are electing the future condition of America and the world. It’s time to give up the Woody Allen type role-playing and begin acting as mature adults possessing integrity.

What is occurring is a repetition of Bobby Kennedy’s (the kid from Massachussets) use of New York to position himself for the presidency. It was a brazenly corrupt move by a corrupt man who was a key figure in the most corrupt and incompetent presidency in American history, and the most corrupt political family in American history. (The Clintons are only trying to catch up and are almost there.)

Unless New York and, later, America is hit with a sudden epidemic of maturity, integrity, and seriousness, Hillary will be successful. Bet the farm on it.

Not far behind Hillary is young Andrew Cuomo who is another product of degenerate New York politics. Cuomo’s daddy, for those who remember, was governor of New York and gave what was glorified as the most brilliant speech at the 1992 Democratic convention in which, among other things, he said jobs were a right. (See, people don’t need to create and develop industries to create employment. It’s a political right to demand and receive a good salary even if the economy is run into the ground. Responsibility or rationality of any kind are no longer conditions to be met before receiving anything. Demands and desires are all that are necessary.)

The apple does not fall far from the tree, and in this case young Cuomo is not far from being of the same imbecilic leftist mentality as daddy. In recognition of never having done anything of substance in his life except follow daddy’s radical leftist ideological footsteps, he has been appointed to high-visibility high government positions and is being groomed for much bigger and better things. Following Hillary into the New York senate seat after she assumes the presidency is a serious expectation. If that doesn’t turn out to be the exact path, it is certain something parallel will open up because there is no way this kid is going to end up working in a factory or driving a truck somewhere. His lunatic ideological lineage has already been accepted and he is tapped for future leadership in the Democratic party.

There are now no political taboos remaining to be respected or broken. Certainly there is no longer any empirical need to appeal to rational sensibility in American politics. The national/international leftist machinery is ready to function like a well-oiled clock to support Hillary. She has support from a large proportion of several generations as corrupt as she is and who will seek to validate themselves through her. She will blur her presidential candidacy into a referendum on a statement of equality of women and receive nearly the entire American women’s vote. She will be elected president with few limitations on her power, agenda, or corruption.

At that point, expect the roof to fall in everywhere. Not just in America, but everywhere.

The primary order of business will be the deconstruction of America. That is all the Clintons live for. Their life certainly isn’t centered around enjoying the tranquility of their marriage.

Ronald Reagan was a breeder of horses, a serious student of wines, and enjoyed working on his ranch. He wrote free verse love poems to Nancy that showed depth and were very touching. He had a full life and interests other than politics. Alan Keyes has interests in opera and classical guitar. He is a man of curiosity and diversity. I would rather be doing experimental work on problems in physics and engineering than be concerned about politics or writing these articles. Working on them takes time away from my pistol range and other interests. I’m trying to do research on aspects of medicine and this is in the way. I became involved in this work out of self defense and because nobody else works at this level, so the burden and responsibility fell to me. It’s a thankless burden that I don’t want unless it brings in enough money to pay for optical benches, lathes, milling machinery, etc. At some future point I’m withdrawing from political and economic analysis in favor of continuing on with my real life and with other interests. Political analysis is not my entire life. At some point I want my life back and other people will be on their own to sink or swim according to their own efforts and seriousness.

Possessed By Politics

The Clintons are one-dimensional people who have nothing, not even each other, beyond the 60s radical politics of hatred and diffuse dissatisfaction. They might try to fabricate something in attempt to invalidate this observation or deflect criticism if it became an issue, but they evidence no interests that are not instrumental to political pursuits. There is nothing to the Clintons beyond a type of grasping ambitious empty hatred. They are intrusional coarse noisy shallow dull boring lifeless narrow ignorant uncreative immature petty useless goofs who are only of interest or importance in that they are out to destroy the country or burn down your house out of bitter hatred or for something to occupy their time, and form alliances with people like themselves to do it.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that there is a class of people will start conflicts and pursue them out of boredom and to synthesize a sense of purpose in life, or sometimes to create a personality for themselves. Many leftist intellectuals are bored/life-deficient people with nothing to do but obsess over things that become exaggerated out of all proportion. Sometimes an obsession is everything to a person or to people because they have nothing else and consequently it IS everything. They don’t develop or have any other talent or role in life. At other times, of course, obsession relates to some unresolved conflicts in a person’s inner world.

The world of leftist politics is a substitute for life and a sublimation of various maladjustments—along with a grasp for power in cases where politicians find opportunity for exploitation. I’m finding some people on the political right can also be an embarrassment.

Any time politics is all a person has and is their primary medium for interacting with other people, then that person is in trouble. Not only are they in trouble, if politics is all a person has and is their primary medium for interacting with other people, their politics is also in trouble, and is trouble when they channel their emptiness or maladjustments into political life. Politics can’t solve those problems. Sometimes the exhortation to “get a life” is good advice.

The same thing that is true of individuals can be true of groups or nations. I have to ask, why is the mainland Chinese leadership obsessed with taking over Taiwan? Is it really that important in the sane world? Of course not. Is there anything in Taiwan that the mainland shouldn’t be able to duplicate and improve upon? Of course not. Is there anything preventing the mainland from recapitulating the economic development of America independently? Of course not. The problem with the mainland leadership is that it is made up of people who have allowed themselves to become too entangled and invested in their own twisted internal political world to exclusion of everything else, including a sense of proportion. Indeed, the leadership was chosen to perpetuate that condition. It’s all they have. The communist Chinese leadership needs to get a life and build something internally on their own rather than sitting around obsessing about other parts of the world or obsessing about controlling people.

Get a Real Life

Communism and socialism tend to be obsessive mental illnesses that are both communicable and imposed upon others. Sometimes the cure for them is for the advocates who are entangled in them to get a real life.

One of the reasons the Soviet Union fell is fundamentally because Gorbachev had the untangled sense of proportion to begin asking, why the hell are we doing this?

The Clintons hate America and want to destroy it. It’s their life. That’s what Bill expressed when he went to Moscow 30 years ago in another serious defining action that has been brazened out through the point of having been forgotten or no longer subject to discussion—but which should never ever be forgotten. All discussion of the Clintons should begin and end at that point. That, alone, should have been enough to disqualify the Clintons from any public office in America in the realization that no matter what else they do, or what show they put on, they are using it as subterfuge to work themselves into favorable position as moles to advance their original agenda. It’s plain to see Bill Clinton has never really deviated from the path he declared many years ago. He may have adapted his tactics and acquired a little more subtlety over the years, but the ultimate direction of his attitude and actions haven’t changed. That will never change because the only capacities the Clintons have is to resent, obsess, and destroy.

Bill and Hillary formed a political alliance based on this position. What they have is a purposeful political alliance, not a marriage. Bill has never bothered to treat Hillary as if they were married, except for posing during photo-ops. Concerns about his daughter are secondary in importance to the prank of engaging in oral and anal sex with a brainless dump truck. I’m willing to be corrected on any of this if I’m wrong. Perhaps Monica Lewinsky or Jaunita Brodderick or Gennifer Flowers could be brought in as expert witnesses to refute my view. Hillary shows no concern about it as long as it doesn’t interfere with their political agenda because real marriage was not an expectation or purpose.

Pathologically Professionally Self-Absorbed

Hillary impresses me as much too tense and aggressively wired to engage in close personal relationships. If she had wanted a man in her life, she wouldn’t have married Bill Clinton. She’d have married a man. That presumes she could get one. Men of any quality aren’t going to become involved with Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a member of the new breed of pathologically self-absorbed so-called educated dynamic professional women who have torqued up personalities as if they are riding an electric chair with the current turned on. There is no place for any healthy man on that ride. These women might engage in a somewhat sterile alliance with a man on a parallel path who is both as screwed up as they are and is compatibly screwed up, but they don’t engage in close love relationships. Such relationships are usually beyond their capability. They need emotional distance in their relationships with men, and their marriages, to protect their fears and incapacities.

For real love and marriage, not the kind of Clintonesque type of ongoing soap opera, you need to be at peace with yourself. If you are not at peace with yourself, you will neither bring, nor find, peace and closeness into marriage. Hillary is wound up too tightly on something inside to have a marriage. It’s show in a type of driving angry bite in her personality.

When the Clintons said we got two for the price of one, what America got was an alliance made in Hell. If Hillary enters the White House there will be little or nothing to impede the destructive pursuit which she is already engaged in her ongoing temporary alliance with Bill.

Hillary will complete the last link in assembly of a chain in which America was the last link and holdout—but barely a holdout as of lately with the Clinton’s and the left’s internationalism.

Hillary will be immediately accepted and integrated into a waiting worldwide coalition. This coalition is absolutely giddy about the prospect of continuing a neo-Marxist jihad led by people who are convinced of their own superiority. In their narcissistic arrogance they believe they are destined or ordained by their superiority to rule. It’s a world-wide coalition of people that are otherwise useless and are pursuing self-importance or trying to find a place for themselves in a system of socialist political-intellectual feudalism. The eventual result will be enforced servitude to a combination of Orwell’s 1984 and Huxley’s Brave New World that will be universalized under the victorious sword of sadistic destructive fops.

The Neo-Marxist Jihad

Within this coalition America has been declared as using an unfair amount of the earth’s resources. Those resources will be reclaimed or reparations will be demanded. America, itself will be declared a world resource to be shared by the world’s citizens. Delete the word “shared” in the previous sentence and insert “confiscated and preyed upon” to obtain a more realistic view. Socialist demagogues will demand confiscation of America’s productivity (what little now remains of it) to make up for, and continue, the deficiencies of socialistic and similar systems. Under an extended version of pluralism, degenerate, irrational, or parasitic cultures will have a teat to support them in the style to which they want to become accustomed while they are simultaneously liberated from the logical consequences of their behavior or cultures. Individuality will be seized to become the property of the greater good of world equality as well as to the greater good of one-world oriented demagogues. There will be a working toward mutual enslavement by those who already have nothing to lose or who reject the responsibility of freedom. The rationalizers and brokers will become the masters.

Dissatisfaction of the voracious fantasies of the parasites and demagogues over the failure of their demands to conform to reality will be attributed to America —as is already being done.

That’s the world vision. It’s seen when the pope breezes through town and in his intellectual and moral sloth issues condemnation about the existence of poverty or hunger in the world without issuing condemnations of the political systems, the forms of corruption, the value systems, or behavior that cause poverty. (The pope isn’t a communist/socialist. He’s just exhibits that form of cultivated stupidity that is considered esthetically attractive evidence of unworldliness in religious leaders, and he occasionally succumbs to that sick part of religion that indulges a denied but irresistible slightly sadistic urge to beat people and control people with irrational guilt.) It’s seen in the attitude among leadership from corrupt or undeveloped countries that assert if America has something while they don’t, such a thing can only have happened because America took it from them rather than it having been the result of their not having produced anything. It can be seen in the view heard at the United Nations and elsewhere that America has failed in meeting its social responsibilities to support irrational self-indulgence in other countries.

American Goulash

America will become a trough for the pigs, demagogic or otherwise, of the world to swill at.

In America, everybody will be owned by everybody else, and will be in a state of compelled involuntary servitude to everybody else with Hillary and those like her fanning the flames of human jealousies and resentments. In the first Bush/Gore presidential debate many of the points he made were directing hatred and resentment against the economic top 1% of the American population.

I don’t know whether Al Gore believes what he says or not. Is what he says some demagogic concoction he makes up so he can become president? Half the time he speaks as if he’s in a dazed other world. The information circulating around the Internet is that Gore used so much marijuana in college that he was no longer functional and washed out of divinity and law school. The closest I can come to getting a handle on Gore is that his functioning resembles the type of vague bland fantasy daze seen in people on drugs. He lies with apparent unconcern. I seriously wonder if his condition is such that he even knows he’s doing it. His brand of environmentalism is reminiscent of comical or bizarre movie characters who believe foreign conspiracies are destroying their sexual activity or who wear aluminum foil around the top of their head to prevent space aliens from affecting their brain. Al Gore’s bizarre mental functioning should be taken much more seriously than it has been. It’s frightening that America would even remotely consider someone functioning at his level of immaturity and unreality for the presidency. What is more frightening is that many tens of millions of people find his condition acceptable because they are functioning at the same distorted levels.

(It’s no wonder Tipper Gore suffers from depression. How in the world could any rational sentient being have respect for their life living with someone of the character of Al Gore? She has a lot in common with what Joan Kennedy was barely able to endure. She’s surrounded with goofs and trash. She’s married to one of the most dishonest asses in the country. If he happens to wander into being elected to the White House, there’s no reasonable expectation for improvement. For dinner and personal associations Tipper has the Clintons. Suicide would be a tempting relief under her circumstances.)

Whatever world Gore inhabits, it’s a socialist/Marxist world promoting class hatred.

Whatever world George Bush comes from, it’s a world that has thus far been incapable of confronting Al Gore’s world with effective incisiveness.

(to be continued)

Robert L. Kocher is the author of “Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing,” as well as many other articles (available at http://zolatimes.com/writers/kocher.html). His email address is steiner@smtp2.Mountain.Net.