Hillary Clinton Must Be Stopped
The Cognitive Dissonance Connection
Part 4: The Gore-Hillary Kook Sitcom
by Robert L. Kocher
Bill and Hillary Clinton’s world are only slightly different from Al Gore’s world. The difference is that they are more articulate. The basic tactical thrust is simple. Find a group of people who can serve as an easy object of resentment or hate. Fan that resentment and hate. Then exploit and satisfy it.

In the present case, the ideal resented group is Gore’s top one percent of the population, or the Clinton’s “the rich” or “the wealthy” or “the greedy.” It’s hard to have sympathy for rich people and they are easy to resent. So the strategy is to buy votes through promising to take everything away from those that you encourage people to hate, and to distribute the booty among those who hate and resent that group. The party won’t last a month, but who cares as long as it cultivates power? When you run out of the top one percent, resent and take from the next one percent, five percent, or whatever, and so on to keep it going.

What is incubating is a cycle of resentment, involuntary servitude through redistribution, and (centrally important) licensed hedonistic irresponsibility to feed the political system—because people are held captive by the immediate thrills while authoritarian socialism becomes a demanded necessity to remedy the consequences of living for the moment. More accurately, it’s a downward spiral with need for perpetually new enemies and scapegoats to manufacture explanations for the deterioration. Demogogues who can license the paradigm will be given popularly-demanded absolute rule over a decaying world of soft oblivious self-indulgent parasites. That’s the Clinton way, the Gore way, and the liberal way. To the extent that the pleasures, amusements, and ease of irresponsibility expand, people will demand it.

America is halfway through a violent Marxist revolution in which guns and barricades are temporarily delayed until the Gores and the Hillarys of America can undercut the spirit, morality, and sanity of the nation enough to construct a veneer of legality for them. Once that condition is reached, the violent stage will occur through the actions of a coalition between a government mandated to equalize all things, and citizens licensed to take all things in the name of social progress. This will occur in a cultural and intellectual atmosphere in which any reference to necessity for personal prudence and responsibility will be obliterated. For those who don’t think it’s violent or will be violent, try resisting the system. What will eventually exist is an open hunting season on political dissidents where Waco was only a pilot project to see how much leftist social engineers could get away with. There will be inquisition and sanctions, government- and citizen-led, along economic and moral lines to crush any resistance. The positioning for the economic thrust is being set up with the constant encouragement of economic class friction and hatred. The moral-social thrust is being positioned in moves such as the suits attempting to force homosexual leadership into the boy scouts and the similar fight against requirement of parental notification for teenage abortion. It’s all the same thing.

In the strategy between developing an industry and advertising, you first create a need through advertising, then satisfy that need with a product.

Politics and revolution are no different from this. Dissatisfaction, resentment, irresponsibility, degeneracy in all forms, and irrationality are fanned in a virtual reality, then socialism is presented to satisfy the needs these generate by those who want to gain the absolute power that socialism confers.

If this is done correctly, people will demand their own enslavement—and mine along with it. They will demand it first on the basis of focusing on demands for the benefits of enslavement of others for the gain of release from their own responsibility as well as releasing their petty jealousies and resentments. Resentment, irresponsibility, degeneracy, and irrationality are, after all, among the components of the ungoverned Freudian Id that make up what religion teaches is original sin. In the absence or deconstruction of the human socialization process occuring in a now-dominent counterculture, these become accessible to political movements and demogogues. Only later will people find the willing agreement to enslave others is reciprocal, and find that they have also enslaved themselves. In the event they continue to function primarily at Id levels, these primitive satisfactions will become more important than their own enslavement or the destructive conditions ungoverned Id creates.

It’s rather like drugs. In spite of the destructive consequences, people become enslaved to them regardless of the consequences because of the primitive satisfaction and because their use temporarily makes them unaware of, or indifferent to, the consequences. Resentment, irresponsibility, degeneracy, and irrationality are drugs in one sense.

The products in this case are the Gores and Hillary Clinton in the immediate sense. Over the longer term there are American deconstruction, petty hostilities and resentments, lusts for ideological power, the triumph of the original sin of the Id, and whatever.

But, in the immediate sense, the products are the Gores and Hillary Clinton. To create a need for them and their ideology, there has been incessant provocation of dissatisfaction and support for irrationality with no serious accent on the need for returning to prudent responsibility in American life. Tens of millions of people came to America and found prosperity and freedom through employing effort and self-discipline in their lives. Now, in the dominant virtual reality created by leftist ideology politically and in the media, I can’t find a damned thing that has ever been right about America. Everything is wrong. Hillary and change are the proposed answer.

The American political scene is like some absurd movie with a twisted plot bordering on the comical. Everybody in the plot shows signs of serious mental instability as well as the maturity of eight-year olds. That includes Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and the majority of the New York voting population. They are all kooks that belong in a movie script. People such as the Clintons and Gores have no business being in government at any level in a sane society. They belong on TV sitcoms. The problem is that people have been watching so many sitcoms that they think what they see there is real life. They are electing a kook left-wing sitcom to run their country.

George Bush is the exception to the instability problem. He is as stable as a rock. His problem is that he also moves and thinks like a rock. There is no response or passion or incisiveness. There is no spirited confrontation or defense of the country from him. There is nobody to represent the proper indignation of the reasonable mature people in America.

But this isn’t a TV sitcom. It’s real. It’s the future of America and likely the world. And Hillary Clinton, with the help of her supporters, is the most dangerous presence in America.

Robert L. Kocher is the author of “Attitude Channeling and Brainwashing,” as well as many other articles (available at http://zolatimes.com/writers/kocher.html). His email address is steiner@moutain.net.